Experiences Shared By Kamali Companions

Awaisi Kamali


I have visited the website thoroughly almost. Mashallah it is an awesome website and working as a good source for spreading the teachings of Hazrat G. It contains almost all the basics  of silsila, which can help anyone to get the information about the it without physically going to chakwal. Hazrat G in his life did not want to expose himself, what he wanted is that people should do the zikar khafi Qalbi and recite darood awaisia kamalia. So, you people should try to spread the message on daily basis to invite people to recite darood pak and zikar pak. This is our foremost duty which is required by Hazrat G.

Regarding some website improvements:
1. There should be date mentioned in experience and news, so people can know easily when some one post a particular comment.
2. Purpose of Login and register is not clear.
3. There should be an alternative way to display the contents of introduction and some other menus than pdf pages, as pdf pages do not provide a pleasing look and feel in website design and also have some performance constraints.

May Allah bless the administrator the most and make him a kamil wali of ALLAH and KAMAL!

Best Regards,
U.. Awaisi Kamali

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