Experiences Shared By Kamali Companions


Salam sister saima kauser, Thanks for sharing  your experience but I totally disagree with you. Please don't let people guide to the way which is totally against the teachings of our hazrat G. The way you told can mislead the people for the quantity, quality, each and every thing related to Darood shareef. This is totally unbelievable for the people like us to recite 1000 in 15 minutes and 4000 in just one hour with out Tasbee... Ufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff my God. How you and your cousin doing this? Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and Hazrat G don't need the quantity, what the need is the pure quality, which is totally impossible by the way you are telling to the people. I would humbly request to all people please pay full attention on the reciting of darood shareef instead of quantity. If you people recite 1000 in the day with full attention and tajweed-o-tarteel,  that could be much more beneficial and acceptable instead of reciting 50000 with out attention and tajweeb-o-tarteel.

Stay blessed, recite Darood shareef and do zikar pak regulary, daily and keenly.

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