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Mazhar Iqbal

Assalam-o-Alaikum! We, the Awaisi Kamali Brothers of Karachi, would like to congratulate you & your team on a job well done & commend you for your efforts on this Project of establishing a marvelous Website, covering all aspects of Hazrat Jee (ra) & Silsila-e-Awaisia Kamalia. We are very impressed with the successful completion & launching of this Project and appreciate your attention to details and relentless determination to have done a quality work on time. It is indeed a major project which you & your team organized and executed so efficiently and effectively. We feel privileged to offer our compliments regarding the success & well handling of the website in a very professional manner. Our special thanks to you & your team for the wonderful job you did and are delighted with the performance and especially appreciate the website design, the information provided and variations used. The extra time and effort you put in are certainly worthwhile. This fine effort shall be listed in the memories of all of us and would certainly be appreciated by the people that will follow in times to come. We are confident of greater things from you in the future and offer our full support & cooperation in your struggle to enhance & expand the message of Hazrat Jee (ra) & Silsila-e-Awaisia Kamalia. Thanking you Awaisi Kamali Brothers from Karachi

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