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Bay Mayaa

I was passing through a phase and trying to know the goodness behind that, was totally bed ridden. Then a FB brother provided me Haal e Safar at my residence and I came to know about the hidden message behind my that phase which was proving a blessing in disguise. 
Haal e Safar introduced me to a world which was although not stranger at that time but still there was a lot to know and learn about.

It took one day reading that book, i felt so inspired that i rushed to Pinwal Shareef as soon as I was recovered. I remember, it was night of 27th Rajab, Mairaj Sharif. Qazi Murad Sahib showed very kindness to us and even presented Hazrat G's Haal e Safar with his prayers. It was memorable.

I felt at Mazar of Hazrat G that he was present at there and paying attention to us. Even if you think about  token of attention, you got it in a short while in form of some flower or anything else. It is amazing.

Besides this , you feel that you are being warm welcomed by Sahib e Mazar. There is breeze, vibes and other few indications. It may be my perception or feeling, which may not be agreed by others.

If I talk about change after Haal e Safar....I feel association for Hazrat G, he attracts me towards himself. My soul misses him and wants to see him. 
I was surprised on it. Then i asked Mentor Qibla Sarfraz A Shah Sahib about it. He told that it happens when a Sahib e Mazar pays u attention or he has "hissa" for u.

Undoubtedly Hazrat g Bagh Hussain Kamal Sahib has very high rank and stature in the world of spiritualism. His gifts to us in form of 10pm -10:20pm, darood e pak, nisbat of darood e pak, mukhammsat , zikr are great motivation to be get closer to Allah and Aap S A W W. Ye aur baat k mujh jaisi na laiq, jahil itni nawazishat k bawajud khali ki khali ha...bay amal ...nakara

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