´╗┐Experiences Shared By Kamali Companions

Mrs Dastgeer

Asalam o alaikum!

I joined this great silsila recently..Allah has given me a noble opportunity to join this silsila after reading hal e safar,khutbat e kamal and 

sair ul aflaak...I feel myself honoured to be a part of silsila e owaisia kamalia..I am feeling great change in myself after joining said silsila...My heart prays for buland darjaat of janab bagh husain kamal r.a and long life of his three beloved sons..my murshid kareem is janab tabish kamal sahab,son of janab bagh husain kamal r.a..He is really a great person..Allah has blessed him with supreme spiritual powers..moreover,his attitudes towards his mureeds is very kind and positive..i am blessed that i have got bayt through him..i have great respect for him..many positive changes have entered into my life after getting bayt...lot of prayers for both dar ul faizan & dar ul kamal and family of janab bagh husain kamal r.a......



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