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Hazrat Bagh Hussain Kamal's holiness Rehmatullah Alaih is such a God-conscious personality by whom many have attained the enlightenment and many more shall attain till the time ends.

When a canal outflows its waters out of its banks and to the adjacent lands, they become fertile and productive is the exact definition of "Faiz" and in reality, "Dar-ul-Faizan" is such a canal where the "Faiz" of the Holy Prophet Salalahualaihewasalam through Hazrat Bagh Hussain Kamal, outflows and benefits the hearts making them fertile and enlightened. The one who once comes in knows what it feels like to be bathed in the river.

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Construction Work

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Silsila Owaisia Kamalia

This is the silsila owaisia kamalia which has been given to Hazrat Bagh Hussain Kamal(RA).

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Zikr e Khafi

All kamali companions should do zikr e khafi daily as per ordered by Hazrat Bagh Hussain kamal.

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Durood -e- Kamali

This is the most favorite durood shareef of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). Hazrat G has a record recitation of durood shareef ever.

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Dar ul Faizan Books

We have uploaded certain books from Dar-ul-Faizan and you can download books from the website.


This small book consists of silsila Owaisia Kamalia and some other important wazaif that have been told by Hazrat G.

Behr -e- Durood

Now you can easily manage your durood shareef online by signing up to the Behr-e-durood and manage your daily durood...

Picture Galleries

We have uploaded photo galleries. These galleries include Hazrat G pictures, dar-ul-faizan construction pictures, wallpapers.

Location Map

Now google maps have made it alot easy to search any location. So you can view a Dar-ul-faizan location from the google map ...

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Hazrat G Audios

Listen to mehfil -e- Zikr -o- Muraqba in Hazrat G's voice. Also you will find an audio file in which Hazrat G has read his poetry.

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Share Your Experience

Share Your Experiences in the website so that new comers can read them and can get benefit and can change their lives.

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Send your feedbacks to us and you can contact us and ask us different queries. Or send us your comments and suggestions.

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