Experiences Shared By Kamali Companions

Ahsan Khan

Assalam-o-Alakium wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu!

All praises to Allah SWT who has guided to join this great silsla. We would never be able to thank HIM enough for this favor. I would like to thank IT department of Dar-ul-Faizan for providing this platform for submitting Durood-e-Pak and to share our experiences with our Kamali brothers and sisters.

I would like to share one of my personal experience. I am from a village near Kharian Cantt. In 2008 we had a college trip for Rohtas Fort, Khewyora salt mines and Kallar Kahar. I would like to mention here at that time I knew nothing about the spiritual relationship of a mureed and Sheikh. We went from Jehlum side and first visited Rohtas fort and then we spent a lot of time in the salt mines. It was almost sunset time when we arrived at Kallar Kahar and our teachers told us to be quick as they wanted us to leave before getting dark. But as you know the its hard to leave the beautiful scenery from the hills of Kallar Kahar without filling the thirst of eyes so by the time we were all back in our buses it went completely dark. As the route that we used earlier on  wasn't considered as safe for travelling in the night so the drivers decided that they will use a comparatively safer but longer route and that was via Chakwal. It was the first time that I was travelling somewhere near Chakwal. As many of you who have traveled in the night around Chakwal area already know that one can see very little lights in the suburbs of the city. So while we passing by those areas I felt a strange serenity in that darkness and had a feeling that someone is calling me. It was quite noisy in the bus as you know its very typical of college boys but I was in my thoughts and was trying to figure out what is this force pulling me to see in the darkness. Even my friend sitting next to me ask twice that why I am staring outside and I told him its nothing as I had no answer.

Although I saw nothing in reality at that time but I got the impression that there was something unusual about that place. In the years coming after whenever I recalled those moments I felt a strange feeling of peace in my heart but never had any explanation. Untill last year in January I came across some excerpts from Haal-e-safar online about bright future of Pakistan and ended up reading both books and finally getting Bait in April last year I found the answer for that experience.
Its is not the Mureeds who go by themselves to get Bait but actually it is the Shaeiyokh that call them and allow them to come. The hearts of both have a strange bonding and they already know each other but it can't be explained that how it works. (May be someone can explain here...!)

 According to my little understanding I believe It was Hazrat G Rahmatullahi ellaeh who was calling me. Allah knows best.

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Aalameen.

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