Experiences Shared By Kamali Companions

Muhammad Adeel

When I read Haal-e-Safar for the very first time then it changed my thinkings about Roohaniat. Before this I thought that Roohaniat is a very difficult field because one has to do a lot of mujahidaats. And he has to leave his family. But after reading "Haal-e-Safar", my views are changed. I came to know that everyone can enter in this field. There are no hard and fast rules in Roohaniat. As in Silsila Owaisia kamalia, we have to do zikar for only 10 minutes in morning and in night. And beside this we have to recite Darood Sharif as much as possible. When we start this routine then within a short span of time it becomes our habit. With the passage of time our bond with our Murshad strengthens. So as our Love increases with Hazrat G (R.A.) then we will follow his teachings happily. And the teachings of our beloved Murshad are based on Love. Due to this "Love" positive changes occur in us and all negative feelings are slowly diminished.  So we should try to do zikar daily alongwith maximum recitation of Darood Sharif. It will not only strengthen our bond with Hazrat G (R.A.) but it will also help to increase our Love with Holy Prophet (S.A.W.).

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