Experiences Shared By Kamali Companions

anaphora khan

Asalam o alikum..... 

First of all Jazak Allah for this wonderful website. Reading "Haal-e-Safar" has changed many lives and I am sure this will only increase. The section Behr e Durood is an added motivation. 

The " magic"  of "Haal e Safar" is what is called a blessing in disguise. People start different projects in lives after getting motivated but slowely they slow down. When one starts reading Durood Paak the Magic of " Haal e Safar "begins when one simply doesnt stop reading Durood Paak. It charges the spiritual battery and strengthens ones sense of peace and spiritual connection. 

I am in awe of Huzrat G's daily Durood Count and how he was blessed as a result and can't thank him enough for what he shared with us and to keep us glued to this "Ism e Azam" which in reality is Durood Paak. May Allah paak bless him more and more and more every time a Durood Paak is read and a soul is saved. All the people related to the silsila, especially this website, special duas for them. May Allah keep them in specail care and love  of Nabi Paak, Sallay alaho alihi walaalihi wasalam and may the Faiz of Huzrat G never stops for them. 

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