Experiences Shared By Kamali Companions

Abid Hussain

Reply To Sister Saima Kausar...

Thanks for sharing such way... i have already tried this but there are some issue if you follow such way. if you recite Darood without attention by only considering time then you may forget reciting for some mins unconsciously and its natural. for example. if you recite darood 1000 times in one hour by paying full attention and with same speed and then by considering only time without attention and doing other works together... you might finish just 700 or around in the said time.

also hazrat jee mentioned in his last khutbaat that we will have to manage quality instead of quantity. i m bit amazed when you said 1000 time in 15 mins. i took almost 7 mins to finish 100 time darood and 35 mins to finish 500 darood with every word sound clear. if i bit speed up then words start mess up with each other and dont feel good. kindly share your experience if you really recite 1000 times in 15 mins with all vocal sounds clear ...

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