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saima kauser

 Asalam alaykum to all my kamali brothers and sisters

I have a very important message about reciting darood sharif all the time and id like to share with all of you.

As you know we all live in a very busy lifestyle and we find it hard to take time out sit down with a tasbee and read darood shaif.

so my message to all is if you can time your self as to how much you can read in 15 mins, 20 mins or an hour. E.G. If you can read 1000 in 15 mins that comes to a total of 2000 in half an hour. This way your reciting darood sharif all the time or should i say most of the time without tasbee while your doing your daily jobs and you know how much you have read.

I think this is a superb way of reciting darood sharif all the time as well as keeping count of it. As you all know our hazrat ji has told us ziyada se ziyada time ap ne darood sharif mein lagana hai. The  credit for this goes to my dear brother irfan shahid who told me this technique Allah karim un ko apney amn o aman mein rakhey . I hope you all benefit from this message and Inshallah next year we all want to see a higher figure of darood sharif.Allah give us all consitency. Jazakallah for taking time out to read my message

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